08 August 2006

the Great Dreamcrafter

i read this several weeks ago in chazown by craig groeschel. i've been chewing on it ever since.

"Disturb us, Lord, when our dreams have all come true because they were too small."

think about it, then go let God adjust your dreams. let Him take them and stretch them and pull them and remodel, rework and rebuild them - and see what they end up looking like.

He's pretty good at dreamcrafting.


Cajun Tiger said...

He has definitely, "stretched, reworked, rebuilt and remodeled" my dreams and I'm so glad He did and I pray He continues!!!

Gered Lambert said...

Brandi & I were honored to share our adoption story this weekend at the HPC Adoption Workshop. One point we hit on was how we sometimes wonder how the last 6 years would have turned out had we NOT found HPC and renewed our passion to serve God. We probably would have settled for something smaller, something "normal." Thanks to the family at HPC, with their resources, support and encouragement for all areas of our life, we've chosen the path God intended.

FeatherIron said...

We will be reading Chazown in October @ the book club!

There is no way I could have dreamed my life would be as great as it is now. Seriously, I am always amazed at His grace, mercy and goodness.

Tim Elzea said...

Thanks for challenging my dreams this last week. You may not have intended to, but you did. Through the encouragement of yourself and your staff, my dreams, thoughts, and passions have been rekindled...I feel refreshed and ready to serve again. Thanks for everything...YOU ALL ROCK!!!!

Colleen said...

What a great word. Thanks so much for the challenging the expansion of my dreams.

I imagine God saying, "That's it? That's all you want? Come on, that's too easy. What did I give you an imagination for if that's all you can come up with? Dream bigger... bigger than that... BIGGER! Now you are talking. I want those unreachable, unbelievable, inconceivable, seemingly unattainable, not normal, outrageous, impossible desires too ridiculous to even share with anyone in fear they will laugh. Then when it is accomplished it will be obvious that it was Me and only for My Glory!"

Cheri LeBlanc said...

WOW! That was just what I needed to hear. It's great to be reminded that it's OK to have a dream bigger than I can ever do alone. I can't, but He can. I need to stop listening to the world and keep focused on His word. Thanks!

Jean Ohlerking said...

Okay, Dan. This is where I have to go when I am asking God to heal AIDS...

It's far bigger than I can get my mind around.

I know God is able, but am I asking IN FAITH BELIEVING?

I have to look beyond my own feeble brain and go with the scripture assuring us that God is able to do "infinitely more than we can ask or imagine!"

dream big!