21 August 2006

excuse #3

continuing with keith green's list of 15 excuses people give for not going to the mission field:

    "But God needs people to stay home and financially support those ministries and missionaries who are already all over the world. In fact, my church is already supporting some missionaries with my tithes and offerings."

here's the answer:

    You should never have to worry about there not being enough Christians staying home to support missionaries! There will always be enough people around who will not answer the call to go - who will stay home and gladly just send a check (instead of themselves) to reach to lost. After all, nothing is easier to give than money (except nothing!).

    This does not mean that everyone who stays home is selfish and disobedient. As I've already said, there are some who know they are definitely called to stay, and they are doing exactly what God would have them do here, while they greatly support other ministries. I'm just saying that there will always be plenty of people around to financially support the pitifully few who answer the call and obey God.

thank God for those who are called to send. i wonder how many of us there are that should be going but are hiding behind our checks we send, instead? is God asking for something more than your money?

ya think?

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Ben said...

So true my MK bro.