06 August 2006

a cool post about prayer

i saw a post the other day about prayer on tony wheeler's blog. it really challenged me - especially considering how we're doing this FORTY DAYS OF PRAYER FOR THE CHILDREN right now for children's cup. check this thought he shares about prayer:

Don’t say prayers that you aren’t willing to be a part of the solution for.
read the entire post here.

i love the challenge in that. don't expect to talk to God about a need you see and not have Him tap you to be part of the answer. that'll preeeach. sometimes i catch myself telling someone "i'll pray for you" and i go my way. the sad part is that too often i have forgotten to pray for them and in many cases i have neglected to give God a legit opportunity to show me how i can actually help meet that person's need - because of just being "too busy" or whatever pulls me on.

i need to be more interruptable. much of what God has done in my life and through me has transpired by way of interruptions that somehow God gave me grace to not race past.

Lord, make me part of the solution.

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