24 August 2006

trying to remember what i prayed like when i was 15

it sure wasn't like this, though - i can promise you that. check out this prayer i just read on my daughter's blog tonight. actually the whole post is pretty incredible - i just pulled over the prayer part of it but the whole post is worth the read.

    God, take this life...take my heart...take everything i am...God, convict me of my sins, and show me what to do, speak to me, and direct me.

    take all the glory to Your name- let me not become proud.

    let us draw near to You.
    let us know you intimately.
    all we want is to see Your kingdom come- that's why we're here on this earth.

    let our lives be a monument of worship to You.

    let us not lose sight of our purpose.
    i pray that You will be proud of us. let us put a smile on our Father's face.

    God we are your children. carry us like a daddy carries his young children. hold our hands. teach us. when we fall- heal us. show us your tender love and discipline us. God, we love you. thank You for being our Daddy. hold us in Your arms. and tell us that You are here protecting us and loving us.

God, thanks for such a fantastic daughter. And thank you that she challenges me to be a better person because of her authentic faith and raw passion for You.

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