18 August 2006

why you should go to the mission field (excuse #1)

keith green was one of the great influences in my life during the 70's and 80's through his music but also through this article i just found a copy of online. the first time i saw it was when it came with my "pay what you can for it" copy of the "so you wanna go back to egypt" LP (remember that one?). excuse the flashback moment there. if you wanna talk about the early days of Christian rock, i'm ready when you are.

so annnnyway - this article called "why YOU should go to the mission field" really hits hard - maybe even harder than it should (no one ever accused keith green of being timid). but i agree with the premise: if you aren't called specifically to stay, you'd better be going.

it'll mess with your head. it asks the question that maybe you've been afraid to ask: "Lord, where do you want me to serve you from while i'm here on this planet?"

in the article, he lists 15 excuses people give as to why they don't go to the mission field. here's the first one:

    "But I'm not called."

and here's keith green's response:
    You don't know how many people I've met who have said to me "Keith, I agree that more people need to go to the mission field, but I've never heard God tell me to go."

    Well, the truth is that God has already told you to go in His Word. In fact, He commands you to go... "Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature." ( Mark 16:15) That's right... YOU ARE CALLED!

    In fact, if you don't go, you need a specific calling from God to stay home. Has God definitely told you not to "go" somewhere outside your country to preach the Gospel? If He hasn't, then you'd better start praying WHERE to go, instead of IF you should go - for again, you're already called!

brace yourself - the next 14 aren't any easier to deal with.


FeatherIron said...

"When a poor person dies of hunger, it has not happened because God did not take care of him or her. It has happened because neither you nor I wanted to give that person what he or she needed."
-Mother Teresa

Robert Pooley said...

I miss Keith Green... And i am with you on this one... Everyone should go!

Aimee' said...

You know, I have these same thoughts about adoption. I ran into a precious woman of God the other day who told me she believed she and her husband were supposed to adopt and that she did not need anymore confirmation because she knew adoption is God's will..... she then stated that the devil would love to see all children stay orphans. I just love what she said because I mirror that thought.

Geoff said...

Dude, I really don't need this in my life right now. You need to be more considerate before you smack a brother in the face. Who do you think you are, some kind of Keith Green? If God wanted me to cross this threshold He'd give me some kind of sign, some signal, some...oh...wait...I guess He already did.

I really don't need this in my life right now.

Sean Dietrich said...

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