16 August 2006

i think this is really cool

got this from dr. cheri leblanc. i think it's pretty cool, but also something for you to pray with us for.

There is one story that I wanted to share with all of you who believed in what we are doing before we were doing anything. The first [FEMA] trailer park, Airport 1, we visited twice. A few days before the second visit we were informed that one of the local hospitals was providing a doctor to visit there once a week in their medical van. That was certainly more than we could do, so we explained to the people and site manager that we would not be back after this 2nd time. So, that is when we found out about Mt. Olive... because they have no medical services.

Anyway, I received a call about 2 weeks ago from the site manager of Airport 1. He asked me if we would reconsider going to that park. I explained to him that we were trying to spread around very limited resources to other parks with no medical services since they received a doctor weekly. He told me that although that was true, the people have been asking for us. The manager said (his voice sounded baffled, like he couldn't understand it) "There is something about your group that attracts these people. I don't know why, maybe because you all are nicer. Anyway, there is not a day that goes by that they are not knocking on my door asking me to get you back. I'm BEGGING you to reconsider."

I was absolutely astounded, but I shouldn't have been. Our mission from the beginning was not to just be another free clinic; it was to show people the love and hope of Jesus. And we have succeeded!!! The site manager didn't seem to understand that it is not us, but Christ in us that these people are attracted to.

We are now trying to figure out how to put them back on the schedule. Please pray for these people....

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