19 August 2006

i am not forgotten - what a great message tonight

this is gonna be one awesome series at hpc. it started tonight and i'm telling you, i feel like this one has some extra umph to it. i pray God will use it to touch a lot of people.

here's my notes i took during the service just now. well worth the read - not because my notes are great but because the Truth in them is very potent.

here's a section of the notes:

I couldn’t shake the thought. Let people know – the lost, the overlooked, the abandoned – that they have not been forgotten.

Taking a look throughout the Bible where God himself remembered people even though they felt that he was a long ways away.

Have you ever felt that God was far away from you – like you got lost in the shuffle? In the big crowd of your family or your workplace – you’ve been overlooked.

When you wonder if God forgot where you live, or wonder where He is when you’re suffering – God is closer than you think. He loves you and is there for you and is waiting on you - right now – to bring you into truth and to have an intimate relationship with you – that you matter- you’re not just a number.

God knows the number of hairs on your head. For some of us God is doing math every day on us.

God cares about the details – he KNOWS your details.

To be forgotten – to escape notice – to be cast away – passed up. Unremembered. When the list was compiled, you are the one that was unremembered. Godforsaken. What a word to even have in our vocabulary. That anything would be labeled “Godforsaken.”

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Jean Ohlerking said...

dan...this is why it impacts the kids in swaziland so much when a team from America comes to visit them. they are convinced no one even knows they exist, yet here is someone from far away coming to love on them.

i like to tell them that Jesus wanted them to know how much he loves them and so he sent me to give them his hugs. and his hope.

that they are NOT forgotten.