17 April 2007

the mozambique team

the mozambique team - headed out saturday.

this is pretty close anyway.

on the left is michelle gros - the pregnant one. she's the leader of elevate, and i'm going at least in part due to the fact that she's pregnant and travel wasn't advisable at this point.

then on the right is michael baaaaaamonde - better known as "Jesus" - he's not going. well, Jesus is, but michael isn't.

and of course you'd have to add in there jay-red ray and me to round the whole team out.

pray for us.


Patrick Conti said...

God bless to you and the team! Stay in his Spirit and y'all will be amazed by the God that we serve! Bring some of that African energy back to States. Be a part of God's plan to transform Nkobe but also ask the team to live out the transformation that takes place inside each one of them. Let it not be 2 weeks, but let it be something that inspires a lifetime!

joyce said...

Praying for you ALL! I agree with Patrick, may this be something that "STAYS" with each and every one of you forever, not just a "short term" thing. Hopefully that "missions bug" will bite everyone and they won't want it out of their systems once they get back in America and back into their every day routines.