15 April 2007

a few of my favorite things

(the twins, church, hpac, diet coke, invisible children, children of africa, mozambique, life - just to name a few)

i had to take the twins out of church this morning - we were sitting in the balcony and as three-year-olds are prone to do (especially these two), they started getting anxious and did so rather loudly.

so i walked them back to the back of the property where we had parked by the playground at the hpac. i guess technically this wound up being like a reward for acting up in church, but it was too nice a day to just go sit in the car.

they played and played. they got me in the little "train" playground thing and we took this picture together.

we went inside the office for a few minutes to handle a couple of poopies (i'll spare you the pictures), then we came back out and they played some more.

i sat on the side and drank my diet coke. in the picture above i'm sporting my new invisible children bracelet (serving to bring attention to the children of africa).

and then last night, the team that i'm taking out to mozambique got to be prayed for in church. 6 days to go.

life is good.


Anonymous said...

oh the joys of parenthood

Paula said...

way to go Dan... sounds like you'll be spending time at the HPAC haha

Paula said...

way to go Dan...sounds like you'll be spending time at the HPAC!!! haha