22 April 2007

we are in africa!

i posted this over on the elevate team blog:

here's a shot from the plane.

we made it safely. uneventful, nice ride. no stop-over in senegal like last time i went.

did have an interesting "event" barton got to see on the way to the hotel, though. a lady across the intersection from the shuttle he was on got broken into. a dude tapped on her window then just punched it in, borke the glass, then dove into the car. she of course freaked otu and started honking the horn and floored it and he fell out and ran away as she drove off with a broken window but sparing her life possibly.


we went to kfc for supper (1/2 of us) and the rest went to a little grill place. both took forEVER to bring the food but it was great food once we got it. we actually made the grill's owner pretty upset by trying to eat the kfc in the grill dining area. what was i thinking? i apologized and actually ended up joking around with the guy, but we still didn't eat the kfc until we left.

tomorrow starts early. 4am shuttle back to the airport for the flight to maputo. then it all begins. we get to see charles and kristen and ben and isaac and carol - and mahlahlela and celeste and the rest of the moz team. and hopefully the changaras and beano (and maybe sharon?)

wish ty were with us. big time. glad jarred's with us. he's totally a cool guy. glad he's getting the experience. it just would have been cool to have ty with us as well even. alas - next time maybe.

ok. i'm going to bed now. thanks to everyone who helped put us here. rob and michelle, tiffany, pastor dino, dr. cheri, kari smith, brandi lambert, the musso's, shane comeaux and the tons of you who gave and are praying for us. we need it daily if not hourly.

thanks for the honor of representing you here in africa!


Dustin said...

Wow, already sounds crazy. TIA BABY!! I love each and everyone of you. Yall are an amazing team with hearts to just "waste" your life on Jesus. You all truly move me. I totally wish i could just be there with you guys. Please keep us all updated while we send our prayers your way. God is Using yall to transform a continent. wicked.

Aley D said...

Have a great trip, Dan. Make sure Isaac shaves at least once while you are there. We are pressing in and praying that there will be supernatural breakthroughs on this trip - for the team, the church, and that many souls will come to the knowledge of Jesus.

Have fun.


AdoptedAsHisOwn said...

looking forward to hearing all about this trip.

Josh Ferrara said...

Thanks man! I think Clustrmaps was having issues that day or something, I didn't even recieve my dot!

Oh well.

I'm glad you guys are safe and walking out His will.

I'm already looking forward to seeing pictures.

AdoptedAsHisOwn said...

how's the team doing? any updates?

JordanGautreau said...

Man mr. dan it seems like every time you leave the country you go anti-post...what's up? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan! Why haven't you or any of the elevaters blogged anymore since the africa trip? I got used to reading new stuff almost daily and now there's nothin'? What's goin' on?!!? We miss ya'll!