17 April 2007

noc - converge

making plans now to be in san diego in november. dino rizzo's gonna speak, as are a bunch of other cool friends (geoff surratt, greg surratt, craig groeschel, nelson searcy, bobby gruenewald, dave ferguson, and the inimitable mark batterson just to name a few).

last year's convention was pretty cool - great to meet the great folks from outreach magazine (lindy, heather, jeannie, andrea, lynne - and the rest - a GREAT team there), and certainly had a cool time with johnny green and jp brumfield from here at healing place church. can't wait for this one - it's looking to be an even better time.

so... you going?


Josh Ferrara said...

That sounds awesome! I love getting around more people with the same DNA. It's growth and confirmation all in one.

Also, cool that Pastor is speaking. I'm definitely proud to call him my pastor.

JP said...

shooo i hope so...infact dan i might go on the beach...hahaha