12 April 2007

displace me

my daughter tori has a great post (read it here) explaining this whole thing.

i won't try to elaborate except to say this: please pray for this event - that God will touch tons of lives thru it - and that future missionaries will be born.

check it out. go if you can. if you can't, go, then pray. (i can't go but you can bet i'll be praying from all the way up at hpc_mozambique.) i'm pretty sure carole turner is going and will have some others with her...

check out www.invisiblechildren.com, too when you get a few mins. have you seen their video yet?


FeatherIron said...

Let me tell you, everything in me is saying "no don't go, are you crazy, you need at least 8 hours of sleep or your a complete witch!"

then I hear

"shut up whimp! Remember when you went on three hours a night during Operation Rescue? Yea, you were younger but this is only ONE NIGHT you sissy!"

Yes, the Holy Spirit does tell me to shut up and calls me a sissy.

It's good stuff!

jason laird said...

my brotha.....me and jenn are gonna go and we are definately taking a bunch of our refuge leaders with us.....do you think it would be cool if we announced it at refuge to the students...and if we took a bunch of students with us? jenn has been dialoging with one of the staff pep's from invisible children and they said that there will be security for the event and that it would be safe.

dan ohlerking said...

why not? run it by michelle, but as far as i'm concerned i think it'd be a great event to announce. cool that jenn's chatting with the people up at ic.

the Matts said...

i have a blog posted about it as well.... i am so glad we are all spreading the word!