05 April 2007


there is so much to say about this picture. first of all, it is i think only the second time i've actually been able to post a photograph of my wife on my blog (she's on the right with the cool shades).

but the really cool thing is what was going on where the picture was taken. lita (the lady on the left) is part of household of faith in gonzales (just south of baton rouge) where scott bledsoe pastors. she has an intense passion to do something to make a difference in zimbabwe with the children - particularly those orphaned by aids. (it's a strong story i'll share in another post soon hopefully.)

she and some friends from household put together a walk-a-thon and in this one event they raised over $20,000 for their project in zimbabwe with children's cup.

praise God for lita. praise God for a clear call and intense passion in her life to make a difference. she's living proof that what God starts with one person can grow to something huge when people pull together.

check out pat conti's post about the event (and a couple more pics there).


FeatherIron said...

That is so awsome!! and Vicky looks extra hot with the shades on!

Anonymous said...

Tell Vicki we want to see her on the blog more often. Tracy