04 April 2007

hpc "gets it" - according to my boy todd rhoades

cool post over at monday morning insight by todd rhoades about some churches he's visited over the last few weeks.

actually there are two posts. the original post lists some observations - very cool list - from the churches, then the follow-up post which includes a list of six churches he is referring to.

here's the observations (you really need to go read his post to get the full flavor, but for those of you too lazy to click and read over there....):

  1. Each church has a pastor with a vision.
  2. ok, we've certainly got that at healing place.
  3. Each church hires almost exclusively from within.
  4. and nepotism is our friend
  5. Speaking of staff, the staff of these churches ‘get it’ too.
  6. well, yeah. i should say we do. that's why i'm posting about this. :-)
  7. A larger percentage of their staff (or staff wives) are pregnant.
  8. or have lots of kids - come on, stermer!
  9. Since they don’t have it all figured out, these pastors all shared with me their desire to connect with other leaders who can help mentor them.
  10. why i love leadership network and the other churches in this list and a dozen or so more that todd would have included had he visited them.
  11. These churches are not shy about sharing resources.
  12. this is the one i think that hits hpc in the heart. if we stop being this, we stop being hpc.
  13. Most all of these pastors are bloggers.
  14. yeah, baby - dinorizzo.com
  15. These churches are not afraid to make tough calls.
  16. got it. i love todd's explanation about this one... you need to read his post - really
  17. Numbers are important to them.
  18. and ONE is the most important number - reaching the world by serving ONE.

thanks todd - great post. and thanks, matt for the heads up.

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