08 April 2007

my view of easter

easter at hpc was amazing - pastor dino rizzo preached a clear, simple, and strong message - laid out the gospel message in a way that anyone could understand. and at this point, nearly a hundred people have crossed the line of faith as a result.

my personal view of this easter was pretty much through my mac. watching the webcast trying to help ensure that web viewers got the best experience we could offer. i can't wait til we get the new setup in a couple weeks with the bigger better bandwidth....

but me and my friend mac had a great easter. sitting up in the balcony by jd in front of josh and shannon (my little bro and his wife).

my life ees goood. eet's the behst.

now it's on to the family fish fry.

thank God for family. thank God for Jesus. thank God we get to celebrate forgiveness and freedom today.

happy easter everyone.


Tracy Mawae said...

Dan thanks for your dedication. We will be sooooo happy to get the new system. Hope we didn't bug you to much Easter morning. Again-Thanks for everything. The Mawae's

Josh Ferrara said...

No problem man, thanks for not pulling copyright infringment on me for using the pic!

And of course, you are in the blogroll as well.