14 April 2007

still unopened

new macbook pro next to my old powerbook

three and a half years i have worked on my current mac. that's longer than any other computer i've ever owned - counting desktops and all...

so now i was able to get a new one (yeah, shaun - got a powerbook heading your way - too bad you're in canada and can't be here for the celebration) - and i went out and picked it up tonight.

i'm not one to hold off on opening something new. when i buy new clothes, i wear 'em. sometimes out the store. so anyway - i picked up the new 17" macbook pro around 8 tonight. it is now more than 5 hours later and i still haven't even broken the seal on the box.

proof that the seal's still unbroken

why, do you ask? good question. and the answer is a four-letter word.


got way too much to work on to stop and get a new computer going tonight. i'll have to savor the event tomorrow. sigh.

i know you're thinking maybe if i didn't post about it i'd have more time to just do it. all i can say to that is that if i did that, you'd never know it, cuz i'd never post anything. some things you just have to stop and do sometimes - and blogging is like therapy for me in moments like these.

tomorrow we mac.


Josh Ferrara said...

I am most jealous sir.

I will join the ranks soon...

Chris Surratt said...

What caused you to get the new Mac? (Still typing on my 3 year old Powerbook)

Jean Ohlerking said...

remember the radio shack computer you had many moons ago? all in one piece...floppy discs and all. and now you have the super-coolest one. you've earned it. i'm glad it's yours. now open it up...

dan ohlerking said...

josh-bob: dude, there aren't many people i could say this about, but your personal cool factor already exceeds that of even the macbook pro. but you should still get one.

chris: mainly for the hand-me-down opportunity - our sports ministry guys need a video-edit computer and the powerbook will cut what they need. also, however, there is the point that it will boot native in a windows environment - and i need to be able to run ms access for some stuff i have to do here - and borrowing a pc is not only embarassing but annoying all at the same time.

mom: it's open. woohoo! post with pics coming... i should look up a pic of the ol' trs-80 and post that. memories... in the corner of my mind... thank you mom and dad for getting me started on computers early. see where the addiction has led me?