29 January 2006

vision night 2006 at healing place church

what a cool deal. another reminder why i love hpc.

tonight (under the leadership of ann morrow and johnny green and a whole lot of work by lance's team) we literally rolled out the red carpet for the volunteers and other people who gave so much of their time, treasure, talent and touch to make 2005 a great year for hpc.

search lights traced the sky on this beautiful evening, and richie, havvy, emily and michelle worked some "celebrity" interviews out at the red carpet, jp brumfield and a bunch of crazies welcomed each guest with an overwhelming supply of cheering and fanatical antics. and to top it all off, several couples were taken by limousine to dinner after the event.

marc cleary joined lance in emceeing the event, working through some teleprompter surprises to bring a unique "comedy" act to set the stage for the evening. then a year-in-review video which was -to say the least- as great a year-in-review piece you'll see anywhere. dino rizzo followed the video with a short message about jeremiah 33:3 ("call on Me and I'll show you some incredible stuff you don't know about..."), and he did a great job of correllating that promise to hpc in 2006 and our core values: reach, serve, give, build.

a great way to set up the new weekend series, iLife, a great way to thank everyone for 2005, and a perfect way to "wrap up" 21 days of discovery.

great job everyone!


FeatherIron said...

Marc and Lance were perfection in comedy! Martin and Lewis, Murphy and Nolti can't touch them. Seriously, they were great and what a mosaic group attending! Bravo to all who thought of this one, it was a night to remember.

Jean Ohlerking said...

It was a great, exciting night. And to think, when I was a kid, these kind of meetings were simply called "business meetings" and were just as boring. I love HPC. Never a boring moment. Like someone I know said, "Jesus is here. Anything can happen!"