17 January 2006

two geniuses join forces

david russell has taken a position on mark batterson's team up in dc at national community church. he's gonna be the "digital pastor" - great title.

i would love to be a fly on the wall in their creative meetings. these are two guys we look to here for creative sparks and for genius ingenuity (i guess that is a redundant term). it's like getting lebron and shaq on the same team. it's just not fair. but then again, we're in a "game" that plays for keeps and frankly i'm elated to see these two uniting forces and increase the already-great momentum ncc has both in dc and across the country.

congrats david and ncc. and congrats to the whole Kingdom - it's our win.

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David Russell said...

Thanks, Dan. WOW! Reading your post I realize I have A LOT to live up to now! :) Missy and I are looking forward to our new adventure at NCC. I've been so blessed with great leaders in my life and I'm looking forward to gleaning from Mark's stellar leadership. I can't wait to start collaborating with the incredible team at NCC. It's a God fit. :)

(Now if I can just figure out how to ship sweet tea up there...)