14 January 2006

21 days - day 6

i was reading hosea this morning during early morning prayer. i love that book. one of my favorite courses in bible college was a study on the book (lots of hebrew in the course - but a really great prof made the whole study really awesome).

anyway - i went back to the book this morning (not sure why) but i am so impressed again at the length God will go to in order to express His love for us and to get our attention when we forget Him. it's an overwhelming story of outrageous expression of God's unfailing love. (the hebrew word for it is chesed - for those of you that wondered if i caught any of the hebrew in the course - so there).

i read this sidebar in my bible from some notes i'd written a few years back - "do something just to let God you love Him. not for any benefit of your own - or to get anything out of it for yourself. just do something for Him. like you would do for your wife - giving her something or writing her a note. tell God you love Him by doing something you've never done before for Him."

what a great idea. after what He's done for me, there's no way i can ever express my gratefulness enough. so i'm looking for ways - trying to find creative ways to tell God i love Him. this is gonna be fun.

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