12 January 2006

the art of evangelism

great post on evangelism from a business viewpoint at guy kawasaki's blog. (thanks geoff for cluing me in to this dude's blog.)

i don't know if this is tacky or what, but in the interest of getting you to actually get the point, i'm gonna copy what geoff posted as a commentary about guy's post. but by all means - go read guy's blog for yourself - great stuff - not just this post. and the same goes for geoff's blog. you need to keep up with both of these guys if you're working in the church at all....

here you go:

Not everything is relevant (he's talking about pushing products, not sharing the Gospel), but there are some great lessons.

  • Look for agnostics, not atheists

  • Let people test drive the cause

  • Making a commitment to Christ is a huge decision. When its presented as now or never, all or nothing today we may be turning people away who don't need to be turned away. I'm not suggesting that a half-baked commitment is good enough; we just need to give people space to make such a life changing move.

  • Learn to give a demo

  • If we can't share a personal story about how Christ has changed our life we need to find another cause.

  • Provide a safe first step

  • Never tell a lie

  • When the Gospel is presented as a panacea to all of our problems (If it is, why am I still fat?) we can invalidate the truth of a life with God.


Ken said...

When I grow up, I hope I have half of your intelligence and brilliance. Dan Ohlerking, you sir, are my hero.

Dan Ohlerking said...

sheesh. thanks for the kind word, but you need to set your sights higher than here, buddy. i know this guy who works in the office trailer with me - he's a chaplain for a bunch of fd's and pd's and visits the hospital all day every day and is the one person everyone's glad to see when they're in the hospital. now there's a hero for you.