28 January 2006

ode to robert

i went by the annex late tonight and my son jd rode with me. when we were leaving, this was the only car left in the parking lot and jd said, "i wonder how many nights this car has been the only one in the parking lot." jd knows what few people outside the staff of hpc know. there's a lot more to this genius of a man than just good looks and a nice car.

say what you will about his bard-ness, robert conti is one of the often-unsung, nearly always behind-the-scenes teammates who is a mulitplier in the mosaic that is the hpc staff.

as usual, tonight the doctor is in.


FeatherIron said...

Ok, you just had to use the word Mosaic didn't you?

JP said...

nice shout out to your boy Roberto