10 January 2006

21 days - day 2

a thought hit me this morning during the early morning prayer at church about psalm 112 (what i am trying to dig into a lot lately - it's a description of what God sees as a righteous man - and since that's what i wanna be all about, that's what i'm studying right now.) here's the thought:

it says of this man being described that "his righteousness endures forever." i've always seen something like that when it talks about something enduring forever as meaning it will go through all eternity - not ending when this life is over. but what i thought about this morning is that forever begins now. if i'm going to be righteous forever, that includes everything i do in the next hour, the next day, the next year, etc. it isn't something that i'm waiting for - it is something i do now. i make righteous choices, i live in His righteousness daily - hourly - moment-by-moment.

seeing it that way makes the "little" things seem much larger. little things like showing anger when i get frustrated with another driver, like being impatient with the kid working the drive-thru who can't understand that i really do want seven drinks and seven meals in this one vehicle. like being selfish or lazy. all of those botch my "righteousness enduring forever" description because when they happen, my righteousness just failed to endure a challenge.

God help me to allow Your righteousness to be mine and to continually choose to endure the good and the bad - the fun and the painful - the happy and the sad - all without failing to be righteous through it all.

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