24 January 2006

conversation between andy stanley and a blogger

check out this conversation between andy stanley and a blogger who posted something about one of andy's books. andy's so classy. no "air" of snob and no "condescension" in his tone but rather poised and honestly interested in what this dude had to say.

and the topic - it sure will make you think. it's about the mega-church deal - the idea that mega-churches aren't really what God had in mind. rather than just shrug it off as "stupid" i think it is important that we at least try to understand what bothers so many smaller church fans about the mega-church deal. and that's what andy was doing here.

i think it is worth the read. it'll make you think regardless of which side of the issue you're on or even if you aren't even worried about the issue. reading what they have to say can certainly help you come to a better focus on why you do what you do in your church.

(thanks to ben over at babulife for the heads up on this link.)

1 comment:

Chris said...

Outstanding conversation.

I think it illustrates the power of the internet to bring understanding and break down walls between and among us... if we have the grace like Andy to admit we might not have it all together ourselves.

Thanks for posting this. I'm passing it around.