17 January 2006

jd's basketball schedule

i keep losing my printout of my son's basketball schedule. i'm guessing i'm not the only one, so i'm posting this schedule here - so me and all the other parents and family who need to know can know when the games are....

by the way - jd plays for the suns and they're already 2-0.


JD said...

not true 3-0. but you didn't know then.

love ya

- jd

Dan Ohlerking said...

this is true - at the time of the original post, y'all were 2-0. now, however, y'all have climbed to 3-0 and you're headed for hopefully 4-0 this weekend, but no austin this time.... you'll have to step up on those boards and shot blocking to cover for austin. but you can do it.