01 February 2006

more from brazil

i just got this report that isaias (hpc's manaus, brazil campus pastor) sent to mark stermer (hpc's multi-site campus director).

man, i love this church.

Pastor Marcos,

We are doing well here. The 21 days of Discovery is being a blessing to the church. God is working mightily in the lives of the people here. We have had an average of 20 to 25 people in morning prayer. We had various answers to prayer. When we started the early morning prayer a lady's husband was about to lose her job. About 3 days later she shared that her husband did not lose his job. They were laying off a lot of people but he did not get laid off. Another lady in the church lives really far from here and has made an effort to come to morning prayer. The devil has been doing everything for her not to be able to come. Her car started acting up and everything else. But God has been blessing her life now, and has honored her will to seek His face. She has become more committed to the Lord. A young lady was praying for her sister that was walking away from God. This past Sunday, her sister came to church and just broke down in the presence of God. She has returned to the Lord. Another young lady was praying for her cousin to come back to God. She has done so as well this Sunday. Today I will be visiting their families that are walking away from God, but God is moving in their lives.

This past Sunday we had three people make a decision and last night another young lady accepted Christ. God is moving in great ways down here and we are excited to be part of it. We prepared a meal for the community this past Saturday. It was an awesome time. Some of the people that ate came to the service Sunday night. We gave away a bag of food. Two of the people that accepted Christ Sunday night were from the meal give away on Saturday. We plan to do a meal twice a month and later do it every Saturday.

The church is growing. The services are a blessing. Sometimes the people don't want to leave because the environment of the church is so peaceful, and joyful. We are going to buy more chairs because we are having trouble seating everyone. We have now 7 small groups. Soon we will have one more.

My family is doing well. We are working hard but it's been an awesome season in our lives. We are waiting for you visit here soon. Send my greetings to Pastor Dino and his family. Thank you for all your prayers and support.

In Him who is our joy,


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