29 March 2006

this makes me sick (but thankful for the team i'm a part of)

there's a post on aley and elizabeth demarest's blog from the donaldsonville campus about a lady they've been helping. those of you that know me know that i don't throw around the "mission field in our own back yard" term lightly. a large portion of my family risks their lives daily to work in southern africa with aids orphans - i've been there and i've seen how bad it is there. there's nothing like it here in the US.

that was what i thought until i read this story. if you want to know why hpc does things the way we do, caring for the poor and hurting, this will make it really clear.

the young lady who used to call this shed "home" matters to God and so do her babies. it will be well worth the couple minutes it will take you to read the story.

click here to read the story.

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