21 March 2006

bad idea... bad idea.... (i find this hilarious)

from our recent amplified weekend - j high and high schoolers at the end of a service gathering around the front for some slammin' worship.

and then......

eddie geurra stage dive video clip

tyler is on the mic - if you know tyler, you know how "tyler" that whole thing is - "wow.... that was amazing. wow."

thanks eddie. i hope you're okay.

(also, for what it's worth, i just found out that my daughter was one of the kids that cleared out of the way. she told me that some of the kids actually did catch eddie's arms, but it was too late for his back side.)


Stephanie said...

HAHAHA.....I've watched that clip a million times and it never gets old! =)

Apparently....everyone at the annex watched it all day yesterday laughing! I can only imagine!

FeatherIron said...

I couldn't get the video to come up but the audio alone is hysterical!

He made a memory, when he is 50 he can pull that video out and remember a great "crazy" time.

"Take a stage dive into life" should be a new moto!

Chris Surratt said...

That was very nice...I've always wanted to see that happen. I hope he's ok though.

Jean Ohlerking said...

we actually could get the video to play here in swaziland. got a big kick out of it. i think i'd probably have done such a thing when i was a kid had it been thought of back then. we just played with dinosaurs instead. :-)

Stephanie said...

I want a copy on DVD....do you know anyone who could do that for me??? I'll pay!!

Joel Dyke said...


Hilarious! What amazes me is how fast he got up from there. I would still be down!


Gered Lambert said...

I can't decide if Brandi & I are stoked that our church provides an atmosphere for our future children radically express worship or concerned that we'll have to take out extra "Worship" health insurance for them. ;)

Didn't we have a more successful stage dive at 12 o'clock service Sunday? That was awesome!

Thanks for providing such a great atmosphere for our kids!! Huge props for all involved in the Amplified weekend. We look forward to being involved in the future with our kids.

Eddie G said...

OK for all those who know me..... I didn't feel a thing. Well once I was known as that agrovating kid on the front row.... HAHA now I am know no longer as that kid but as the STAGE PLANTING FOOL!!!!!!