07 March 2006

my kids' blogs

i'm becoming quite the blogging evangelist (at least in the circles in which i run). it's a sort of obsession, but i honestly think there's a great value for most people to have a blog if - and only if - they use it as a tool to help them express themselves and thus understand themselves and their calling more clearly. it is a great tool to communicate to others, and to keep in touch with others, and so many other things. but it is just a tool and as such it must be something that we use, not that we are controlled by.

anyway, that's not what this blog is about. this is about three of my kids who are blogging.

tori (my 15-year-old daughter)
we just reworked her blog (a blogspot.com blog) by making some massive adjustments to the blogspot template. it's not perfect - still have some little tweaks to make, but i'm thinking it reflects her much more than it did before. she did a great job of knowing what she wanted to make it be, and i learned a lot during the remake.

jd (my 11-year-old son)
jd's blog is still yet to be reworked to fit him, but we're working on getting more posts in there. homeschool is kinda cool in that projects can be blog posts instead of book reports, etc. plus, he's got like the coolest title on his.

lincoln (my 6-year-old son)
lincoln just started blogging - he's an interesting blogger. you'll get a kick out of it if you have any kind of understanding of six-year-olds.

and there's the twins (rhett is on the left, rhodes on the right)

okay - the twins just made 2, so they aren't quite ready to blog. but rest assured....

i love being a dad.


Jean Ohlerking said...

what a wonderful family! so intelligent. so good-looking. so kind and loving...
just like their meemaw! :-)

FeatherIron said...

Happy birthday!

How did you get the guitar in the header? I have been trying to put a picture in there on mine and I cant.

tori ohlerking said...


thanks, dad. i love my new blog! you're the best!

Joel Dyke said...


You have some awesome children I can tell! Isn't it so neat to watch them start communicating from their heart. don't you stand amazed sometimes at the things they share. Since my two girls have started their Blogs

www.rebekahl.blogspot.com and soldoutforhim.blogspot.com

my mind has been blown over and over by the things that flow from their heart. Keep up the good work with those chirrens!