13 March 2006

it's not like my kids are all i write about

but if it were all, that'd be fine, too. they're sooooo great.

the twins just made 2. well, actually, they made two somewhere between feb 28 and mar 1. we just took the liberty of scheduling their "party" a few days (ok, well, several days) later. anyway, they were a hoot opening their presents. rhett started yelling loudly and uncontrollably (with joy) when he opened a present that was a toy. but when it was clothing - he started chucking the clothing articles over his shoulder - slinging them dangerously close to taking out the people sitting behind us at the restaurant.

rhodes just seemed determined to get the gifts all opened before worrying much about anything else. however, after the two bag gifts in the video clip, neither of them would even come close to touching the gifts that were bagged instead of wrapped. funny kids.

here's a couple video clips if you wanna see more (clip 1 shows how to not shoot video, but i'll blame it on the phone camera interface) (also, rhett is in yellow, rhodes is in blue).... -clip 1- -clip 2-


Jean Ohlerking said...


joyce said...

THAT is the sweetest picture with those two sleeping and holding hands!!! Blow that photo up right now and put it in their room so they will remember that when they are 10 years old and fighting each other over Legos and 16 and fighting over the CAR! HA! HA!
Time flies big time Dan, enjoy the moments with them now. I can't get over how grown up Tori already is and everytime I see her at church I think she's gotten more beautiful. OF course I think my own daughter is the best looking one at the church though. HA!