15 March 2006

cold @ frank's

ok - this is louisiana in mid-march. i'm not complaining at all - i could take this weather all year around. but tomorrow we'll probably be in the nineties for a high. oh well.

great meeting this morning at frank's. dino rizzo taught on psalm 112 verse 4 this morning - about being known as a man who is gracious and compassionate, among other things. the 114 men that had braved the cold to come out broke into groups for a short discussion time that i thought was pretty cool. sometimes i can get a little weirded out by that, but this flowed really natural. it was cool to hear the wisdom from some of the older lives, and the passion from some of the younger ones.

in all, it was a cool morning, not just a cold one.

here's my notes from the teaching if you wanna check them out.

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