10 March 2006

buzz conference

okay - i just found out it is confirmed i'm going with a couple guys from hpc (namely marc cleary and lance leblanc) to mark batterson's buzz conference. i'm wondering who all is going, especially those who are bloggers i read. i know david russell is going (shoot - he's an NCCer now so he has to go.) but what about the rest of you on my blogroll?

babu, john, chris b., joel, dave, chris, rob, dan, gary, todd, tony, perry, randy, terry, chris s., or shawn.

any of y'all going? any one else?


Ben said...

Dan! I'm jealous man! Not going this time. I'd have loved to hook up man. Have a good time.

Chris Jarrell said...


I will definitely be there I am looking forward to it. I figure only living 2 hours away I can make the trip to DC. Anyways, I am looking forward to hanging with you man. It is going to be awesome being able to connect with those on our blogroll.

Have an awesome day. Oh by the way when you come bring some beignets with you. :-)

Chris J.

Cajun Tiger said...

Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to catch a flight from Iraq ;)

Please tell Pastor Mark and Joel I said hi. My first time in DC I was Joel's roommate.

Gary Lamb said...

I'll be there dude.

David Russell said...

Looking forward to having all of you there. It's going to rock!