27 March 2006

lifechurch.tv - way to go!

life church in oklahoma (and probably someplace near you) is one of the coolest churches around - and they've got so much going right in how they see church. they have just launched an area on their website where you can find just about everything they've ever done as far as message series go - free for the taking. rather than charging for what they've invested to create, they are making it all free aparently because they are more concerned with building the Kingdom than they are with the cost.

we've been doing this for quite a while at hpc but nothing of this scale. all our sermons (podcasts, streaming audio, streaming video and even some transcripts) from weekends and wednesdays are on our website free for the taking, but what these guys have done is so much more than just making it available - they've got a search engine on it that is amazingly helpful, among other things.

now, i know this represents quite a huge investment of their time and resources to make this available - and to ask for nothing in return other than the hope that it will help build the Kingdom - that's cool of them.

way to go, bobby greunewald and all of y'all up there where the "NOK Hornets" are hanging out this year.

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