29 March 2006

lifechurch.tv - way to go! (more)

i talked with bobby gruenewald from life church in oklahoma on the phone last night about some stuff, part of it being their new open source for messages on their website. you can read my first post about it here.

i'm obviously a big fan of what they did with it. but here's the real reason for for this second post about it: bobby told me the reason they're doing it is because they want to do whatever they can to help get the message out. it isn't about their name or their money. whatever they have to invest to make it work, that's what they want to do - as long as it is helping churches, they want to invest in making it work for those churches.

that's such a right way to think. it just reminded me again why i think God is blessing their church so much. their focus is spreading the Gospel. they've kept the main thing the main thing.

so again, i say - way to go, bobby and the rest of you pseudo-yankees up in oklahoma.

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