26 March 2006

brian burnham

a friend of mine from highschool is a missionary in papua new guinea with new tribes mission. he is the brother of martin burnham who was killed by terrorists after being held hostage with his wife gracia in the southern part of the philippines. brian and i graduated from faith academy near manila back in 1984. when i met brian back in first grade, he was the "bully" i went home and told my mom i was afraid of. i still don't know to this day whether that was a deserved accusation or not. but i do know now that he is one of the hardest-working missionaries i know. he is giving all he has to his family (which as you'll see below is no small task - 9 kids) and he's giving it all to the calling of God on his life to reach people in papua new guinea.

i'm posting this because i feel really strongly that some of you ought to consider adding brian and his family to your missions giving. if you want the real-deal, front-line, no messing around, all-about-God type of missionary to get behind, here you go. and even if you can't afford to add them to your giving, at least shoot them an email (click here) and let them know you'll begin helping to hold the line for them in prayer.

Burnham Bulletin
The Newsletter of Brian and Arlita Burnham
Ministering with New Tribes Mission Aviation in Papua New Guinea
March 2006

Joel Daniel and Nicole Courtney Burnham, 3 days old

ADDITIONS!!! On January 31, 2006, we welcomed Joel and Nicole as the newest members of our family. Joel Daniel was born at 12:01 a.m., weighing 6 lbs. 1 oz. and was 18 ≤ inches. Nicole Courtney was born at 12:27 a.m., weighing 7 lbs. 7 oz. and was 19 inches.

New House: Lord willing, we will be buying the house pictured above from New Tribes Mission Aviation when we return to Papua New Guinea. This will allow our family to have more space to live and it will allow us to have a place to store our household furnishings when we come to the States for “home assignment”’ in four years. NTMA is asking $25,000. We currently have $12,000 towards the purchase of the house.

We hope to return to PNG on June 2nd, arriving in Goroka on June 4th. Here are some of the things that we have planned for the next couple months: speak in our home church in Rose Hill, a visit from Arlita’s folks, finish up the school year, pack, a trip to Mississippi to speak in a supporting church, pack, a trip to Florida for Jeff Burnham’s wedding (Gracia’s oldest son), finish packing and fly back to Papua New Guinea.

Prayer and Praise:
1. PRAISE: We have half of the money needed to buy the house in PNG. PRAY that God will provide the other half.
2. PRAISE: Joshua’s eyes have improved and no surgery is necessary!
3. PRAY: We need to pay for tickets to return to PNG in June. The cost is around $11,000 (the same price we flew home for last year, which is amazing with the rise in fuel costs).
4. PRAISE: God gave us another set of twins. We are grateful that they arrived safely and are healthy.

Thanks once again for supporting us and praying for us. HAPPY EASTER! He is risen!

Forever in His care,
Brian and Arlita Burnham
Melissa, Nate, Megan, Micah, Caleb, Joshua, Jonathan, Joel & Nicole

Gifts: New Tribes Mission
1000 E. First Street
Sanford, FL 32771-1487

Mail: Burnhams, PO Box 38, Whitewater, KS 67154
Email: Brian_Burnham@ntm.org
Phone: 316-799-1263

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Jean Ohlerking said...

9 kids? he's got you beat, danny. your dad and i will be in touch with this very cool family...