18 June 2007

why we do a webcast on sundays

check out this thank you note we got yesterday from an online viewer:

Just a thank you to HPC for providing this resource so that we can still attend church on those occasions when we can't be there physically. I chose to stay home and prepare a special meal for my father so that he can enjoy something at his regular meal time of 12:30pm that he rarely gets at his assisted living apartment complex. Was relieved when I recalled that I could join church via the webcast and be able to do both things today in honor of both of my fathers.

it's just a cool reminder why we do a webcast from healing place church on sundays. it's worth it.

thanks ty, david, robert, rob, toby, adam, jarred, chris, wendell, dan, brad, josh and whoever else has a hand in gettin' 'r done every sunday.

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