19 June 2007

and so danohlerking.com was born

today's the day it became official. i've had the domain danohlerking.com for a couple years, but today it went live, coinciding with my move to wordpress for my blog. i've been on blogger (danohlerking.blogspot.com) for almost two years - july 8, 2005 was my first post. but now, 400+ posts and nearly 700 comments and over 30,000 hits later, it is time.

it's like usually what happens in life, after a while you discover a newer, better way. it happened with my computer preference. i was a diehard pc dude until one day i actually opened my eyes to the world of mac. i've never turned back.

and so the story enters a new chapter. hope you enjoy the read.

p.s. - you'll notice i'm a big fan of sharing link love. please take a minute to update my link on your site to http://www.danohlerking.com. if you link to my blog and i don't have you listed, let me know and i'll get you added right away. thanks!

also - i want to give david russell a huge thanks for opening my eyes to wordpress a long time ago but i was too chicken to jump in till now. and a gargantuan thanks for fazha for patiently dealing with my pestersome instant messages during the switchover seeking his counsel and expertise.

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Sarah said...

I am the Office Administrator for a church in Simpsonville, SC. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Rich Butler, our Pastor of Connections, let me know about it. I have added your link to my own blog, and request to be added to yours as well. Thanks!