10 June 2007

jay miller - never quit dreaming

jay miller and my son lincoln

there's an awesome story developing you should read on jay miller's blog. in short, this friend of mine who pastors a slammin' church in lafayette, louisiana - he's 38 - and he's playing in his first year of organized tackle football on a semi-pro team that is two games from getting championship rings from the southwest football association.

yeah, he's nuts.

but for every single one of us who are in that late-thirties early-forties age range that ever wondered if we could do something we're too old to do, jay is a huge inspiration. if you ever dreamed of doing something but you think it's too late to go for it, you gotta read his blog. it'll fire you up.

i took my boy jd and reggie (one of his friends) and lincoln and ty van rensburg to their playoff game last night and watched them trounce the new orleans bulldogs. my 7-year-old asked jay for an autograph (lincoln is quite the autograph collector) and jay signed it and put "never quit dreaming" at the bottom.

what a great message to give my kid. what a great message for all of us.

jay - thanks for the message your life is giving me and my family.

two games to ring time.

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