18 June 2007

kids worshipping

my seven-year-old son just joined the worship team at kids church at hpc. yeah, i'm proud. proud enough that despite lincoln's insistence that i not come in and shoot a picture of him, i obtained one via the stealthy services of jeff king. (if you want real photography done, get his wife to help you out. lorri is great at it. jeff is good at the stealthy blur, though.) thanks, jeff, for the pic - it speaks volumes to me.

he's smiling. he's loving it. he's the short one in the middle. he's seven and he's on stage singing praise to God.


thanks amanda, for doing what you do along with the rest of the kids church crew. this picture tells me you're doing a lot of things right for my boy and for hundreds of others who we as parents entrust with our kids a couple hours each weekend (plus some).

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Jean Ohlerking said...

Kind of reminds me of a certain 5-year-old MK standing on a chair singing three-part harmony (Bill Gaither music) trios with his brother and mom..."I will serve Thee, because I love Thee..."

It's just in his blood.

Go Lincoln.