18 June 2007

she's why i'm a dad

our five kids are the greatest kids in the world. i post about them all the time - possibly to the point where i should be concerned you're getting sick of reading about them.

so, here's a rare deal - a picture i found of my wife that i think actually touches on giving you an idea how beautiful she is. i love you, vicki.


FeatherIron said...

She is very beautiful, inside and out!!

AdoptedAsHisOwn said...

Beautiful picture, Vickie!!

Anonymous said...

What a great pic of Vicki. Dan this is a great post. Tracy

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful and we love reading about your kids, your life and well anything so don't stop the posting bro/

Jean Ohlerking said...

A very special, very talented, very beautiful, very crazy(!) lady. We are so honored--so glad--you chose her to be our daughter-in-law...and the mother of five of our gloriously wonderful grandkids.

joyce said...

I've known you both for many years, even though we haven't always seen you all on a regular basis.
Vickie has ALWAYS been the sweetest person. I remember her when she was on staff with us at Hosanna and she was always very calm and collective and hardworking. I know she still is.
That was a great photo and a great post about her.
YOU are blessed!