05 June 2007

children's cup t-shirts are finally in

$20 gets you looking like me. (okay, you'll need to eat a lot more food a lot more often and carry a diet coke or coke zero everywhere you go, too, but the shirt is part of the look, too.)

here's how to order yours: we are working on getting set up to take orders online, but for now, just email us here and let us know you want one and we'll take care of getting you squared away by email.

plus, you'll be happy to know you're helping a very worthwhile cause - children's cup. (duh)

here's the children's cup website post about the shirts - click here.


Rachel said...

Yeah! What does the back of the shirt look like? and uh Dan...you can just describe it...you don't need to take a picture of your backside!!
Rachel :)

Josh Ferrara said...

Any way I could grab one at church from you or your daughter?

dan ohlerking said...

ok... sorry rachel. i caved to pressure and included such a picture. thank the Lord for heavy duty cropping tools in photoshop.

josh - shoot tori or vicki an email and we'll get you taken care of. thanks, dude. still working on the online order form.

but we're close.