15 June 2007


cool update form a friend of mine in india:

It was good to meet you at the Church last month. Thank you for allowing me to share with you. How is Pastor Dino doing?

I do hope that everything is well with you. I had a safe trip back to home by the grace of God. It was good to see my family and to be in the Church after few weeks.

I thank God for His provision and protection while I was in America. In the ministry we see challenges always. But we also see the hand of God moving on behalf of His people. Here is a miracle that just happened last week. One of the ladies in our church, who is a strong believer and a Sunday school teacher. Her husband has been an alcoholic for many years. He spends all the money for alcohol with out taking care of the family. She has been praying and fasting for him for many years. Last month he stopped drinking alcohol. Last week he was climbing a tree. Somehow he fell down. It was a 40 feet tall tree. And there was no one. Nobody knows how long he was lying in the ground. Some how he was able to get into his house and his wife saw mud in his face. He didn't say a word. He lost his conscious. Then they toook him to the hospital. I went to the hospital and prayed for him. After one day he was recovered. None of his bones were broken. Every one was astonished. But we knew that the enemy wanted to destroy his life. But our God wanted to spare his life. Now he comes to the church. His wife and two kids are very happy that he is coming to church.

Schools were opened after summer vacation. Many of our Church kids were in need of school supplies. Last Wednesday, I was getting ready for the meeting. Immediately I sensed that God is speaking to buy some books for the children in our church. Sushan also felt the same way. We bought some books that night. After the service one of the ladies came and told she was in need of some books for her son. But she did not have any money. She prayed to meet her need. But God heard her prayers. God helped us to bless more children with school supplies.

At our Children's Home we have 20 girls now. They all are going to the school now. God helped us to buy new uniform clothing, books and other supplies for them. Two weeks ago we were able to put the roof for their dormitory building. Now plumbing and electrical works are going on. After that we will have to do wall plastering, floring work and rest rooms, etc.

In this place between our property and the street, there is a canal. Most of the time it has waters and difficult for the girls to cross it when it has more waters and also difficult for the vehicles to get in to our property. We have been praying for a bridge for many years. God answered our prayers and after much difficulties we got the permission from the authorities to built a bridge. We started the initial works. We have to finish it soon.

This Sunday we will be starting a new church in Nagercoil. Last few months we were having a prayer meeting in that place. Now the people wanted Sunday Service.

Please continue to pray for us. May God bless you. Looking forward to hearing from you.



God's doing stuff all over the place.

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