08 June 2007

new childrenscup.org is live

The new home of Children's Cup on the web just went live a couple hours ago. We've tried to make the information on our site more accessible by moving to this new format. Much of the information has been updated for you, and one of the benefits of the new format is that we'll be able to keep things up-to-date much more easily than ever before.

Be sure to check out the media gallery. We're uploading pictures into our picture gallery like crazy right now. We've also added a ton of information about our CarePoints - with updates on them going live as soon as they are available.

We also want to welcome some new members to the team. Christy Merrill is just about a month away from joining the team in Swaziland, and Sandra Chesterman will be heading out in September. Then Lad and Crystal Chapman and their boys will be joining us in January.

Praise God for the new great things He is doing. We've been praying for an increase in our capacity on the ground in Africa and God has provided these fantastic people to help carry the load.

Please help us spread the word about the new CHILDRENSCUP.ORG. If you're willing to post a banner on your blog or website or in your emails, here is a link to a graphic you can use. Email us at info@childrenscup.org if you have questions.

Be sure to stay tuned to this site for frequent updates about Children's Cup.

A special huge thank you goes out to David Song for his hard work creating the new site for us - thanks, David!


Jason Guidry said...

That site is awesome! I'm trying to make one for Closer, but I'm at a loss....I don't know how to work with RSS feeds! Do you?

Phill's going to Peru!


Rob said...

very cool