15 September 2006

update from lebanon pastor

just got this update from my friend who is a pastor of a church in lebanon. amazing stuff going on there. please keep praying for them.

Greetings, well first thank you for all your love, support and prayers, we are all at Abundant Life Church grateful for friends like you. well until now i haven't recieve any letter from pastor dino or anyone from HPC, yet i did recieve some support form them , please do thank them for it, it is really great to have HPC as a friend, it is such a beautiful church that i am proud to be a friend too. also i would love really to come to the united states some time and spend some time of rest around your beautiful home, i pray and hope i will be able to do so some time soon.

Yesterday Sunday the 10th of September more then 65 people were baptized in our church and the meeting was a great celebration of God's goodness and love and protection to us all. Among those who were baptized 6 Muslims took a bold step to be baptized publicly and confess Jesus before the whole church where more then 350 people were present, Glory to God , may the lord God protect these bold and courageous new born brothers and sisters, some of them were seriously threatened to death if they took this step yet they didn't really care , they just trusted God and they are ready even to die for the lord, one of them Mohamed he told me pastor it was easy for me to die for a wrong religion and faith, how much more now for the real God who already died for me and gave me eternal life, Glory to God. Some others I will be baptize secretly some time this week as they are in a very dangerous places and it is very risky for them, so please pray also for those.

On Saturday the 9th of September, the meeting with our workers and staff went great as we spent the whole day together more then 140 brothers and sisters came and our time went great in strategizing, thinking, preparing and praying and moreover have a good time of eating and fellowshipping together. We are all excited for the days to come and we are so proud of each worker for the way the lord used all of us in unity to fulfill his purposes recently and we are all ready for the new seasons the lord is preparing for us especially that we can be sure that the Middle East is about to see the greatest move of God, especially if the churches wake up toward the spiritual warfare and take a stand for God, amen.

Yes many churches will be plant In addition to all those that we already started or helped to start in the name of Jesus, Hallelujah. Even thought recognizing the difference of this part of the world and also the great challenges ahead, yet we are all keen not to surrender or retreat, however to move forward trusting the Holy Spirit for directions and for more doors to be opened in all over the Arab world. Please do pray for all these men and women especially those working in very dangerous situations and they have there life on there hands daily, and also please pray for more doors to be opened.

My self I will be visiting some of our workers outside Lebanon and I will be sharing in a conference for all the missionaries working in the Arab world in Bahrain from the 30th of October till the 4th of November please pray for that time as I know this is a great opportunity to share about the strategy the lord gave us to become an influential church. Also we are planning with some other ministries in Lebanon as well as some others international partners for 2 weeks of outreach were we will be reaching out with food and medicines from the 24th of November till the 4th of December we are expecting thousands to come and have a life changing experience and get introduced to our Lord and Savior and experiencing the new birth amen, please pray for that.

I haven't get any vacation yet, I don't know when I will have the time for it, yet I would love to have sometime somewhere with my Bible or any were I can have peace of mind and some physical rest, as for me I want also to be ready for the new seasons the lord is preparing for us. And I know myself I don't like to go away especially when I am so excited for the days to come as I can see wonderful future is waiting for us regardless of all the bad media and bad news going on all over the Middle East. Yet I think I need some time of refreshing and rest, as everybody around me is telling I need to do so. Well the Lord reigns over our zone amen and amen.

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Until all have heard

Pastor Chady El Aouad