07 September 2006

Forty Days of Prayer for the Children

to all of you who have participated in the children's cup FORTY DAYS OF PRAYER FOR THE CHILDREN, thank you.

as we head into this final weekend, i want to make a special invitation to anyone reading this to participate in the last two days of the online prayer gathering – on saturday, we’ll be praying for HEALING FROM AIDS (DAY #39) - Dad will be leading in prayer for this one and i know you’ll want to be a part of that one.

then on sunday (DAY #40), we'll be praying for your needs. as our 'cupbearers, your needs are our needs - your concerns are our concerns, your loved ones are our loved ones.

so, between now and sunday, be sure to let us know your prayer needs by sending us an email at info@childrenscup.org and let us know how we can pray for you.

thanks for standing with us during these days of prayer. i’ll be heading to swaziland and mozambique soon and i’ll be sure to bring back a report of some of the things your prayers have helped make happen. stay tuned right here and to the forty days of prayer online prayer gathering for updates on my trip. and as always, please feel welcome to visit the children’s cup website any time.

thank you again!

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