15 September 2006

dinorizzo.com gets ranked #9

check out the post at the church communications pro website by cory miller about dino rizzo's blog. here's an excerpt:

"Seriously ... Pastor Dino Rizzo's Web site REALLY rocks. You need to click on that link and see some great potential for a pastor's blog. Or even what a church Web site could look like or do.

This site may get the top award of the year for Rockin' It!"

read the whole post here.

i think i feel a song coming on...


Cory Miller said...

Dan, hey, thanks for the link ... Dino's really not ranked at all ... he's just the 9th site in that series that I've discovered.

Right now, though, if I were ranking he'd be No. 1 as far as design, function, etc. I don't think I've seen a pastor's blog that well done. I'm really impressed as you can tell.

Who does your web stuff at HP?


Dan Ohlerking said...

cory - thanks for the clarification.

dino just posted about it this morning, too, and he explains a little about the setup here - basically what you're seeing in his blog is the design of david song (thus the "i feel a song coming on" hint.)

david is part of a fantastic design team here at healing place church - they share the load with the church website, print design, video etc. but each of them obviously has areas they shine in more than the rest.

check him out at bluekardia.com when you get a chance.

we are definitely blessed here. it's a "God thing" to see how this team has come together.

thanks again for the shout out for dino.

Cory Miller said...


I'm loving everything I see as I keep discovering new Web sites at Healing Place [like Chapter2] ... you guys rock the Web!

Could you send me David's email? I'd like to chat with him. Thanks, Dan!!!!