13 September 2006

children's cup in outreach magazine

lindy lowry and her team at outreach has done it again - they've put out an issue of their magazine that strikes a lot of chords in me. "It's a Smaller World After All" is about AIDS and the response of the church to the AIDS crisis. check out this quote from the article:

"Compassion and justice are the platforms that our churches will stand on to share the love of Christ in our local communities. No issue in the history of the world has given the Church a greater opportunity to exhibit that justice and compassion than AIDS."

in this article, they also spotlight a whole lot of great things churches and ministries are doing to combat the crisis, including a few paragraphs about children's cup and the new carepoint we're putting together with the family church (pastor jay miller), healing place church (pastor dino rizzo), mission of mercy and a lot of support from joyce meyer ministries.

it's something that i wish every pastor would read and ask God what He'd have them do about it. it's a huge issue we cannot afford to ignore. but like lynne marian and mary elizabeth hopkins wrote in the article, it is also possibly the greatest opportunity the church has ever had to exhibit justice and compassion. what a wide-open door to give Hope to hurting people.

thanks, outreach magazine, for doing this story and for including children's cup in it.

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