12 September 2006

this is why....

here's another reminder why we do what we do.

this was emailed to the church this weekend:

    I've been working on Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts in Baton Rouge w/the Coast Guard since mid-August. I found HPC on the internet during my search for a temporary church home. I have been incredibly impressed with your church & its ministries. I went to visit my mother who is battling lymphoma in Arkansas last weekend and told her how wonderful HPC is, and she went to your website, watched a couple sermons, and sent in a prayer request. She received a very personal and inspirational response from a member of your prayer team.

    I hope she was watching the webcast of today's service, as I couldn't help but think about how her life's plans that have been put on hold during her battle w/cancer paralleled Joseph's time in prison. Her faith is strong, but I know that she faces doubts at times and is scared about what the future holds. I wanted to thank you for the support you have provided her from a distance. I can only imagine how many other people have benefited from the loving caring support that you provide, both in Baton Rouge and around the world. I only have a few more weeks in Louisiana before I go back to my home in Virginia, but will look forward to every Sunday and Wednesday while I'm here.

    God bless you and your church.

it's SO worth it to put messages online, so worth it to have a good website, so worth it to pray with people online, and so worth it to just do things to make it easy for people to connect. i'm just thankful God lets me be a part of this team we call healing place church. and thanks lance, kari, robert, brad, david, mollie, sarah, chris, adam, jared, ty, toby, todd, emily, rob, josh and whoever else is over there in the hpc creative brains dept. y'all are the best.

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