08 September 2006

bashing joel

i get so sick of hearing people trashing preachers - whether in blogs or on tv or wherever. i've been there and done that. i've seen probably some of the worst, and the best of preachers in my lifetime. and you know what? i've figured out that it gets really old really quick to hear someone shredding a preacher.

case and point: i recently heard a new wave of people whining about joel osteen - you know, the pastor of the biggest church in the USA. the people who talk tend to be either punks who sit at their computers and base their entire opinion off of what they read on other punks' blogs or threads, or other church people who sadly aren't willing to see the good that is being done from the old compaq center. everyone's got their opinion and i guess i'm just sick of hearing people whine about what they don't like.

so this brings me to my thought here. seems like a lot of us are quoting stuff from perry noble's blog lately - and that's a cool thing - perry's awesome.

he's got a post up about his meeting with joel osteen, bill hybels, john maxwell and a few other pastors. it was VERY refreshing to read his take on joel osteen. i've been to lakewood myself, met a bunch of the tv staff and i agree - joel's the real deal.

so thanks, perry, for unbashing a man who is doing more than anyone else i know to make it hard for people to go to hell.


FeatherIron said...

I totally agree. I got caught up in a thread over at Monday Morning Insight where lots of bashing was going on. It looks like some blogs have their very own attackers, MMI is one of them because they dare to talk good about Rick Warren.

I honestly don't get it. Just live your life, do what God has for you to do and pray for love and Mercy for those you disagree with. All the bashers are doing is WASTING TIME, which we don't have much of so we must be about our fathers business and I don't see any where in scripture where it's God's business to bash people that are trying to lead people to Jesus.Whether they are doing it the way you think they should or not, do your thing and leave the rest to Him.

That's my very HARD LEARNED two cents on that subject :-)

Aimee' said...

Wow! It just amazes me that people would bash Joel Osteen. The thought that came to my mind as I read this blog is... are the "Joel bashers" reading the scripture about the plank in their own eye??

I know before I even voice a thought that might even be slightly judgmental, God always reminds me of the plank in my eye and that is enough to keep my mouth shut.

Great post, Dan!

Joel Dyke said...


Oh man you got me fired up now. I had to tell some of my staff just today to chill out over a local pastor here ranting and raving about us being mamby pamby Christians as he called us. He said, "Can you believe that Life Church is telling people to befriend sinners. Jesus said, come out from among them. Yada Yada Yada." You know the drill. I told my staff, Hey Jesus was called the friend of sinners. Lets make it our goal to be called the same! And I agree with featherion...We don't have enough time to waste to be criticizing other ministries. Dan, Great post! Thank you.