11 September 2006

brad duplechain... a tribute

as my friend and co-worker brad duplechain turns 30, i wanted to share this little tribute:

in the same year we joined this staff
and many times you've made me laugh.

one thing to know about this, brad
having you here - it makes me glad.

and now you're passing thirty years
i know you're not shedding any tears.

cause you're too cool to worry about aging
and now the 'canes are finally raging.

a great husband and as good a dad
i'm proud to say that i know brad.

memories of miami by the orange bowl
haunt me now from that eyeful.

thank you brad for excellence in what you do
and a happy thirtieth birthday to you.

(i've got a gift for you, brad, but it's a little hard to fit it in this post so i'll have to give it to you later.)

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Someone......... said...

Your blog is very Godly and inspiring it is something good to read!