15 September 2006

aaron broussard's got him a blog going

this is a guy who is spending a few weeks in swaziland with the children's cup team there. he's from jay miller's church (the family church) in lafayette louisiana - great church, great pastor, and aaron's doing great, too.

anyway - he's got a blog now - check him out at aaronbrousbroussard.blogspot.com and add him to your prayer list.


FeatherIron said...

Dan, his link is spelled wrong.

Is he the singer Aaron Brousard?

FeatherIron said...


it wasn't spelled wrong it just didn't work when you clicked on it. i got to it using the above address, i guess you have to have the "http.." in front.

Aren't you glad I am such a pain?

Dan Ohlerking said...

carole - ah, the student has become the teacher now.

thanks for the help. you were exactly right - i was missing my http:// - argh.

and i think aaron's a pretty good saxophonist, but singer i don't think.

nice pic btw.